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IPEL was founded in 1997 and began its activities with the import, marketing and servicing of distribution transformers, in order to update and fill market gaps for medium voltage consumers in the field of electrical substation equipment.

Very quickly proceeded to provide specialized preventive maintenance and repair services, most preferable with outsourcing assignments from customers who were not able to allocate the appropriate permanent specialized staff.

IPEL long before the economic crisis, invested in the maintenance of electrical plants and substations and is now serving more than 300 medium-voltage consumers and provides solutions even in complex installations and as if for today even if the the market needs for new electrical equipment is limited, it has managed to retain 70 annual contracts and 90 on call. Its name became a brand synonymous with quality, not only for the technology it represents, but also for the expert advice and services that provides before and after the sales (turn key projects, complex electromechanical installations, maintenance and repair of electrical machinery, Y / C, etc.)